Set of Growler and 2 Glasses (I Do Collection (W4)

Set of Growler and 2 Glasses (I Do Collection (W4)

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This amber growler set makes a special gift for the engaged couple who enjoys specialty beer - give it to them for their shower or wedding, even an anniversary. This 64 oz amber growler is perfect for customizing with their monogram and wedding date to become one of their treasured collectibles, or a growler they enjoy using for homebrew or craft beer sharing parties.




      • Amber Glass is UV resistant but it's easier to see how much brew is left in the growler
      • Includes a Black Phenolic Cap with Polycone Liner
      • Engraving is permanent and will not wash or peel off
      • Amber Glass Growler Capacity 64 ounces / Pint Glasses are 16 oz each



Do not place in the dishwasher. Clean immediately when growler is empty. Do not keep lid tightly screwed on when growler is empty. Follow glass growler best practices for cleaning and storage.

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