Wedding Guest Book Alternative - Napa Valley Reclaimed Wine Barrel Head (C2)

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RECLAIMED BARREL HEADS STRAIGHT FROM THE WINERY IN NAPA VALLEY and repurposed by our artisans. Comes ready to hang. Each is approximately 21.5" diameter by about 1" thick. Because of the artisan nature of wood, and it's aging and past use, no two barrel heads are the same size or consistency in wood grain, which also affects the color imprinting. You will end up with a custom gift that is truly one of a kind! ACRYLIC 'PLEASE SIGN OUR WINE BARREL' SIGN - This sign is high-quality acrylic, cut by our artisans, with a design applied, and bending of the ends so that no additional stand is needed. Yes, bent acrylic - it's the newest offering! We offer many different colors of acrylic as well as text fonts and colors. Most acrylic is easily scratched so take care when unpacking and placing your signs. We recommend placing them on and cleaning gently with a micro-fiber cloth, using no chemicals. We offer scratch-resistant acrylic - message us with your color preferences. BUY MORE - SAVE MORE - We offer discounts when you make a package purchase from us - signs, bridal party gifts, groomsmen gifts, gifts for your parents and the officiant, alternate wedding guest books. We can create a custom package for you! SAMPLES In addition to the barrel heads, we also sell small sample pieces. These are available to order in advance or to add on to your order. Brides especially like the sample option which gives them a chance to try markers when ordering the barrel head as an alternate guest book. Samples will be stained on one side only and will vary in size and shape. Our shipping method for 3 samples or less is 2 day Fed Ex so that you receive them quickly (this shipping method includes an order of 3 samples or less only ; barrel heads or additional samples do not qualify for this shipping method unless you choose to pay for an upgrade). Samples are $5 each. Contact us to order. American distillers and winemakers are incredibly proud of their craft and often hire their own boutique barrel makers who stamp the barrels with particular dates and logos. You can do the same with a personalized barrel head. Your white American oak barrel head can be inscribed with a personalized message or logo. CARE: Keep indoors in cooled area versus placing in hot areas and sunlight to limit the drawing in of the used wood which was used in the distillery. We offer custom services, and we'd love to hear from you. Please send us a custom order request. You are invited to visit our shop's homepage - favorite our shop for updates - and browse our many other categories and materials of personalized custom gifts.