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Thank you to our amazing customers and suppliers who have helped our business grow tremendously and created a new job! Please share this with anyone you think might be a great fit. We appreciate you!

Seeking Designer - Basic Level

What we need help with:

1. The designs which need to be created are standard - it is creating the standard designs with the personalization requested (ie, names, dates, titles).
2. Flexible for the designer to set own work schedule.
3. The completed work will be sent to us; there is no customer interaction for this role.
4. We are estimating the work is not less than 10 hours per week and not more than 20 (at least this week). This is our first remote position that is not someone we've known as family or many years as a friend. We expect to need additional help (either from the same remote designer or if not possible, then adding another one as the holidays approach).

Skills and requirements for this work:

1. We need someone who is available consistently. Once the work schedule is agreed upon, being consistent with the work time (schedule) is important.
2. Basic knowledge of creating a vector in CorelDraw (preferably), AI or another designer program is required. The program must be able to export high-quality pdf, eps, svg.
3. A confidentiality agreement must be executed to protect our intellectual property.
4. The work will be 1099 to an individual who is organized as an LLC or similar.

How to reach us:
Our email is - please reach out directly for an introduction and any questions, along with your hourly rate.


Will & Patti
Owners, Kapp Studio - your personalization boutique!

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  • This opportunity has been filled. For future opportunities, reach out to us now to introduce yourself or use the Contact page in the Contact Us section.

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